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NECK volume 3


edition of 356, 7.5x9.75", ~300 pages

with contributions by Saretta Morgan, Elle Pérez, Bradley Trumpfheller, A.D. Lauren-Abunassar, Christopher Kazar Janigian, Joanna Klink, Michael McGriff, Max Seifert, Claire Meuschke, Brandon Shimoda, Hoda Afshar, Nathaniel Mackey, Violet Spurlock, Cody-Rose Clevidence, Davis McCombs, Miller Oberman, Rebeca Alderete Baca, Kōan Brink, Alexis Almeida, Sandra Lim, Ada Smith, Jackson Holbert, Hedgie Choi, Chessy Normile, Luciana Arbus-Scandiffio, Gabrielle Bates, Deanna Pizzitelli, Arvo Villars, Isabel Duarte-Gray, Annelyse Gelman, Rob Colgate, Colby Cotton, Robert Fernandez, H.N.G., Sophia Dahlin, Jack Whitefield, Travis Kent

includes a cassette of contributors reading from their work and a new sound piece by Jefre Cantu-Ledesma

and inserts silkscreened and letterpressed by Deanna Pizzitelli

printed on a risograph; sewn and glued by hand

cover paper made by NECK, in two editions: 300 'regular' of flax and abaca and trimmings from NECK volume 2, and 56 'floor cheese' made from the pulp from the aforementioned edition that splattered on the ground in the papermaking process and was swept up along with whatever else was on the ground barn dust statice flowers poppy petals metal filings spilled beer spilled rum cat hair dead bugs and put back in the vat and made into paper

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